Welcome to Pressure Pro of Jacksonville

Pressure Pro of Jacksonville, Inc. offers a full line of protective surface treatments tailored for your home's surface solutions.

In fact, when compared against other competitive protective coatings, our unique, hydrophobic, clear finish naturally sloughs away dirt and other organic debris.

The cured film is electron deficient, so the slight positive charge acts as a natural particle repellent and creates an inhospitable surface that will not support mold or provide a food source for mold growth.

With that in mind, you can protect selected areas of your property, both interior and exterior, from unhealthy and unsightly dirt penetration and mold growth.


Who We Are

Pressure Pro of Jacksonville is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving residential and commercial communities within the Jacksonville area for over thirteen years. Scott and Beth Kelley founded their business on their conviction to providing affordable, quality service based on their principles of integrity, commitment and excellence.

Pressure Pro of Jacksonville provides all your sealing, pressure washing, and cleaning needs using a soft chemical wash approach so as not to damage any surfaces during the cleaning process. Whether your needs are the cleaning of roofs, windows, wood, concrete, tile, coquina, stucco, brick, vinyl, paver bricks or asphalt (to only name a few); Pressure Pro can provide you with the solution.

If your needs are for the sealing of surfaces, we are certified application experts that can provide you with simple solutions utilizing several different products tailored for your specific needs. We stand behind our products as well as our work offering from two year to ten year warrantees on both. From simple mold and mildew prevention to full sealing of your surfaces we can provide you with an answer. All of our chemical products either meet or exceed EPA standards and we offer "Green" product solutions as well.